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Cat® Grade for Track-type tractors

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Cat® Grade with slope assist

Cat® Grade with Slope Assist is an integrated system that enables operators to achieve grade faster and more accurately by automatically maintaining the cross slope and mainfall angles of the blade.

Benefits Cat® Grade with slope assist


Improved Operator productivity

Increased safety

Improved fuel efficiency

Higher productivity

Reduced wear and tear

Less rework

Reduced operator fatigue

Easy to use

Article - From Heavy Dozing To Finish Grading, the D6T Delivers

The Cat® D6T dozer delivers outstanding versatility to your jobsite - the pushing power you want for heavy dozing applications and the fine control you need for finish grading—all in one easy-to-transport machine.

Cat® Dozer GRADE Technology: Cat Slope Assist

Learn more about how Cat® Slope Assist can help you get a better finish grade, in less time and with significantly less operator effort. Whether you're a relative newcomer to dozer operation, or a seasoned veteran, Cat Slope Assist for dozers can help you work more efficiently all shift long. Slope Assist is standard on the D6K2 and D6N and available as an option on the D3K2, D4K2, D5K2.

Work Smarter with Cat® GRADE for Dozers Technology

Pick the right technology to help you get more done with Cat® GRADE for Dozers. From simple indicators to factory integrated GPS systems, Cat dozers help you get more done in less time and with less effort.

Cat® Grade with 3D

Cat® Grade with 3D automates blade control based on geospatial positioning, removing the need for surveyors and grade stakes.

Benefits Cat® Grade with 3D

Increased operator safety

Increased job site safety

Start working immediately

Avoid position drift

Reduced wear and tear

Full blade load

Flexible - compatible with UTS or laser

Finished faster

Higher productivity

Increased component protection

Article - 2D or 3D Grading Systems: How do you know what you need?

Grading technology is getting plenty of buzz these days. People who use it swear by the benefits.

Read full article

Cat® Grade Control 3D for Dozers

Cat® Grade Control 3D helps you reach target grade faster so you can finish work quickly, accurately, in fewer passes — saving fuel and costs. Ready to work from the factory, this integrated GPS grade control system optimizes the machine for the application—matching blade loads with ground conditions—for full blade loads and smooth grades with less effort. Get connected and view productivity data online via VisionLink® to keep production on track.

Cat® Dozer Technology | Cat Grade Control 3-D

From first pass to finish grade, find out how Cat® GRADE with 3D for dozers can help you get to grade faster, more accurately and with less operator effort. This factory integrated option helps experienced operators work more productively over long shifts, and helps operators who have less grading experience produce smoother grades in a shorter period of time. Cat GRADE with 3D is available on Tier4 Final/Stage IV D6N, D6T, D8T, and D9T dozer models.

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