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Cat® Grade for Hydraulic Excavators

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Cat® Grade

Cat® Grade is an integrated system that enables operators to achieve grade faster and more accurately by showing the height and angle of the bucket in relation to the target grade on an in-cab display.

Benefits Cat® Grade

Higher productivity

Improved fuel efficiency

Increased accuracy

Less rework

Increased safety

Easy to use

Article - See how easy it is to reach target grade up to 45% faster

Cat® GRADE with Assist combines control technologies and automated boom and bucket movements to make grading faster and easier. Operators using this feature can reach target grade up to 45% faster than those working manually.

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Easy of use

Experienced operators at the EAME Operator Challenge in Leicester, UK (Sept. 2014) share their first impression of Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope after operating the system on a Cat E Series Hydraulic Excavator.

Cat® Grade with assist

In addition to in-cab guidance, Cat® Grade with Assist recalls and automates the bucket position during grading activities such as sloping and trenching, further improving accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

Benefits Cat® Grade with assist

Cat grade

Higher productivity

Floor & ceiling prodect


Supports advanced operators

Boosts novice operators

Grade protect

Flexible and scalable

Easy worktool configuration

Article - Father & Son “Blown Away” By Cat® GRADE with Assist 323 Excavator

Brenen and Cannon Newman, father and son contractors from J&B Excavating in Utah, share their experience with our latest Cat® Connect technology, GRADE with Assist.

Learn how to use Cat Grade with Assist

See how easy it is to automatically reach just the right depth and slope with Cat® Grade with Assist.

Cat® AccuGrade 3D

Cat® AccuGradeTM 3D adds geospatial positioning to the depth and slope guidance offered by Cat® Grade, eliminating the need for surveyors and grade stakes.

Benefits Cat® AccuGrade 3D

Increased accuracy

Increased productivity

Easy to use

No grade stakes

Easy to learn

Optimized safety

Optimized operator care

Optimized fuel efficiency

GPS/UTS compatible

Article - Cat® AccuGrade™ Continues to Grow. Must Be the Productivity.

It may be hard to believe, but the economic downturn had little impact on the steadily growing implementations of grade control technology on Cat® Dozers.

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This is to prove machine guidance . The operator cannot see the ball and totally trusts the accugrade system to provide for the right result which is to move the ball without hitting the cone at all.

Accugrade France testimonial

Cat® AccuGrade™ Grade Control System is revolutionizing the way you move dirt. Customer testimonials: Manage the Grade, Manage the Job, and Manage the Business.

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