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Sleep Profile Reporting*

Inform level

Identify Fatigue Hazards

Wrist-worn wearables generate data that helps you and your operators see when fatigue may be impacting performance, giving them a chance to adjust their behavior so that they come to work fit for duty.

* Service availability may vary depending on your local Cat dealer. Contact your local Cat dealer to get more information


  1. Cat Smartband captures sleep quantity and indicates that operator’s fatigue will become high risk 8 hours into his 12-hour shift
  2. Cat monitoring center notifies site supervisor when operator reaches critical fatigue condition
  3. Supervisor gives the operator an unscheduled break
  4. Cat Smartband app provides personal sleep habit tracking, real time effectiveness score and fatigue risk predictions for the day ahead
  5. Caterpillar safety advisors analyzes data for wearer education and fatigue management 

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