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Reduce risky business on the worksite

This is the third in a series of articles about how technology can help construction companies optimize performance across their worksites. In our first two articles, we talked about the advantages of sharing and accessing information to save time and money. In this article we’re focused on how technology can improve worksite safety.

With one in 10 construction workers being injured each year*, technology that improves safety performance will also reduce risk and downtime. Using technologies that make workers more aware will: 

  • help avoid reportable accidents and their cost → Impacts risk
  • alert operators to people and equipment near them → Impacts safety
  • monitor operators for fatigue during operation → Impacts safety
  • place higher priority on safety practices for the team → Impacts safety
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New technologies have become available to safeguard worksites and better manage risk. One of the most common accidents is being struck by or trapped by equipment or vehicles.  Blind spot and backing up accidents account for 25 – 50% of the total. Here are some of the most used technologies that can help prevent them:

Object Detection1

Object Detection technologies

Complete object detection systems include back-up cameras and pulsed-radar object detection. Cameras give operators a view of what is typically their biggest blind spot, and radar identifies objects and people hidden from the operator’s view and sounds an alarm. Systems are readily available from OEMs and independent suppliers.


Fatigue Detection1

Fatigue Detection technologies

Fatigue detection is one of the most recent advancements. A camera installed in the cab monitors pupil size, blinking, and how long eyes stay shut. If the system senses the operator is falling asleep, an alarm sounds and the seat vibrates.


Telematics Increased Uptime

Fatigue Detection technologies

Safety gear with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), sensors and bio-monitors have all hit the market within the last several years. The most common are RFID systems that alert workers and equipment operators when they are both moving through a work zone.


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