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A complete guide to connectivity for construction machinery

A combination of our Cat Connect® technologies and services gives you timely, accurate information which optimizes your jobsite’s productivity, precision, and site-safety. In this article, we explore how technology-equipped assets make this a reality.

Imagine a world where you can see at one glance exactly where all of your machines and assets are, how much they’re being used, and the profits they yield.


Connectivity is a reality in many other sectors, and in our everyday lives. From smartwatches and health trackers to mobile apps which can remotely monitor household appliances, this smart technology is all around us.

On a construction jobsite, connectivity enables assets to be linked to a central platform, which can be logged into via any internet-enabled device. It provides valuable information to shape decisions and improve a jobsite’s productivity and safety. 


Connectivity equals real-time data, and this means automated, accurate information free from human error. It enables you to monitor your fleet – giving a global view of all of your assets – and also individual asset details such as location, idle and working time, and fuel level and utilization.

  •  Fleet: Monitoring the individual data of an asset is powerful, but what’s even more powerful is combining this into a global map view of your entire fleet through VisionLink®. You will be able to monitor machines across your jobsites, all from one dashboard that allows you to filter and download the reports you need when you need them.
VisionLink is a fleet management tool, from the fleet view up to maintenance or productivity information on a single equipment. See all your fleet, Cat and non-Cat equipment on one single portal, this is VisionLink. S. Thiery, Caterpillar Technology Consultant.
  • Location: Satellite or cellular connectivity tells you exactly where your equipment is when you need it. This saves time, resources, and optimizes the decision-making process.
Thanks to VisionLink, I always know where my assets are. I can plan my fuel or service round in an optimized way. D. Cuissot, Poirier TP, Workshop Supervisor
  • Idle & working time:  Accurate idling data provides the information needed to optimize machine utilization and shape purchasing decisions for the future. The eventual aim is to increase utilization and the invoiceable value of each machine. 
We often guess about what work we did at site. It is very useful to get data behind the guessing, VisionLink is really a great tool to give this insight and data A. Thompsen, Caterpillar Technology Consultant

Fuel level & utilization: Monitoring fuel level minimizes fuel theft, refines fuel consumption rates, and ultimately improves a fleet’s profitability.

VisionLink has really been an eye opener for visualizing how fuel consumption is used in my different applications and weather conditions Rene Jokumsen, Owner HR Jokumsen


  1. Set your objectives: Be clear about what it is that connectivity can do for your business. This will help you to decide which data will become your focus.
  2. Make your business case: Work with your Cat dealer to assess the capabilities of your current fleet and pull together the most accurate solution for your needs.
  3. Deployment and implementation: Make sure you allocate the right resources to maintain the good usage of technologies.
  4. Ensure regular reporting: Analyze data regularly and ensure actions are taken to meet the objectives originally established. 

Once your assets are connected, the possibilities are endless and the data available at the touch of a button has the possibility to vastly increase your jobsite’s productivity and therefore profits.

Investment into new technologies and services from Caterpillar means that the process of becoming connected is now easier than ever before, with no limitations on the types of machines or assets that can be included.

The future is full of game-changing data. And that future is here right now. 

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