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Cat® 966M/972M XE Wheel Loaders

Proven Productivity with 25% Lower Fuel Consumption.

The Cat® 966M/972M XE wheel loaders have Tier 4 Final ACERT™ engines and XE advanced power trains, which combine to deliver 25% lower fuel consumption on average over traditional torque converter machines. In addition to aggregates, sand and gravel and batch plants, these loaders excel in heavy construction applications where poor underfoot conditions make traction difficult. 

Better traction is the result of the new disc-type differential locks. Other updates include:

  • Lower Fuel Consumption. XE technology improves fuel efficiency by 25% compared to standard M Series models and up to 35% versus the K Series standard configuration.
  • Excellent Truck Loading. The 972M XE is a three-pass match for many on-highway trucks.
  • Advanced Power Train. With a two-pedal configuration, the XE power train simplifies the operator interface while boosting machine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Tier 4 Final Engine. Cat C9.3 US EPA Tier 4 Final engine is equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components.
  • Better Traction. In poor underfoot conditions, new disc-type differential locks improve traction. Operators can manually activate the front axle differential locks using a switch on the floor. Optional fully automatic front and rear axle differential locks operate by measuring differences in axle speeds.
  • Axle Upgrades. Axles feature lower oil levels, which reduce churning losses from rotating components and lower fuel consumption.
  • Next Generation Hydraulics. Main valve and pump design increases flow at lower engine speeds and adds to responsiveness. An integrated ride control system improves control, efficiency and ride quality. Full flow and kidney loop filtration adds to long component life.
  • Best-in-Class Operator Environment. Optimized all-around visibility, multifunction touchscreen display, easy entry and exit, joystick steering and low-effort controls boost operator productivity and reduce fatigue.

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